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Three Navy Blazers for the Rest of Your Life (VIDEO)

Updated: Mar 13

A client recently told me how much they appreciated my maximalist approach and that as an artist, they felt reassured that I was going to let them keep absolutely everything that they love. Of course I was! Your love is the greatest guide in decluttering. That's because you can only truly own what you love; everything else owns you. As a space witch it is the "everything else" that I'm after.

Then they shared a story about working with a traditional home organizer and how the organizer told them how many of a particular clothing item they should keep! Absurd!! How could they know!? In desperation and confusion they listened and later regretted letting go of the "offending" "extra" things they actually loved.

Which reminded me of this video I made for the first incarnation of my home organizing business, where I ask the audience "Do you find the whole idea of hiring a home organizer daunting? Like they might make you get rid of all your stuff and that you're only going to be allowed to wear three navy blazers for the rest of your life?" Apparently I wasn't exaggerating as much as I thought.

Please enjoy this baby space witch in action. Also, filming the 'fails' almost killed us from laughing, so you might as well get some enjoyment out of it too.

My final thought is this: the path to hell is paved with prescriptive paths for decluttering. We have one job on this planet and that is to be the most authentic versions of ourselves. And that version of you knows exactly how many pairs of jeans you want to own.

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