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TREES ON A BOAT: the space witch philosophy

“Get rid of everything you don’t need,” they say... aaand they are missing the point.

Does one need trees on the boat? Does one need to gather their friends to organize an absurdist costumed river float down the French Broad River called French Broads on the French Broad? Does one need to go canoeing for that matter?

The answer to these questions, of course, is NO.
 So as you can see “need” can drain all the color out of our lives if we use it as a guide. But the powerful and fun "want" can lead us—and our planet—to the lives we are meant to, and want to, be living. 

Space Witch Vision

At Space Witch, we create more than order and beauty—we foster a community of space witches who have learned to communicate with the material universe. This is what we believe in.



It is a Space Witch promise that you get to keep absolutely every single thing you love. I may even ask you to get more of what you love. Yes, more!


The catch? You’ve got to let go of everything else. (or find a way to love it) Why? Because you can only truly own what you love.


Everything else actually owns you. That’s why clutter exists. You have been deposed as ruler of one of your spaces or the whole house. Either way, let’s get it back!

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Loving Our Planet

Nature is maximalist. Ever look at a dogwood tree? So extra she could win Drag Race every spring! Nature’s game is shameless abundance, and we just need to learn how to play her way.


Far from having to sacrifice, to save our planet we have to give up only one thing: our false selves.


Why? Because the desires of our authentic selves are already in alignment with what’s best for the planet—since we are a part of it! How could it be otherwise?


Unlocking Your Potential

Your space is a reflection of your inner world. When you shed the possessions that no longer serve you—or never have—you're simultaneously silencing the limiting voices attached to those objects.


This process becomes a path to self-discovery, peeling away the barriers to your true self. It helps you unlock your potential and step into the life you're meant to be living.


It's more than finding a place for everything you own—it's about finding your place in the world.


stumbling into sorcery: the space witch story


I haven’t always been a witch. Except, of course, I have. I just failed to notice my own abilities. That is, until I started decluttering. 

At the time I started clearing my space, I was locked into a demanding career and emotionally abusive marriage. I lacked the bandwidth to deal with either, having successfully achieved what the satirical newspaper The Onion referred to as “the perfect work-stress life-stress balance.” I was stuck. And my house, which I now know to be an energetic mirror, was—surprise!—a complete mess. 

Here's the thing, my old life looked fun. And felt that way—5% of the time. 

After all, I was involved in starting two beloved festive bike parades, the unsanctioned Freedom Thighs and official Tour de Lights, as well as the French Broads float. During those and other festive events I was in my element. I was also an architect practicing in my field at a firm that cared about the environment as much as I did.


But 95% of the time I was stressed out, sad, and resigned. I believed I was living as well as I could considering my personal “limitations” and “societal” expectations.


Decluttering showed me that I was the one putting these limitations in my life.

Freedom Thighs Knoxville.jpg

Decluttering also allowed me hear the higher intelligence which has been trying to guide my life.


I finally learned to listen, and thus found a way to be in the world that honors the person I have always been at my core–a person who creates delight spaces wherever she goes. (Such as under a table.) She just wanted to make make them in person instead of from an office.


A person who loves themselves. A person who faces their challenges and attracts friends who do the same.

It's been seven years since my decluttering journey began, I feel like I have jumped timelines to a completely new life just like they do in Everything Everywhere All at Once.


And I didn't even have to eat a Chapstick, although honestly that would've been easier.


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