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find out how much money you can make–yes, make–decluttering your home

Clutter represents more than just physical objects; it is a manifestation of stuck energy that affects your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. While the intangible effects might be challenging to quantify, there is one form of potential energy that is easily measurable – money.


After years of doing this work, I found that how much you spend on having clutter is an excellent indicator of how much abundance, in its many forms - including financial, will flow into your life after you declutter.

That's why I created the Clutter Calculator. It's a powerful tool that grants you insight into the size of the energetic, or financial, block you are working with.

Red Calculator

   introducing the clutter calculator   


Calculate to find out how much you've been spending on housing clutter. 

  1. single/multiple spaces - choose single space if you're only responsible for one room or if you'd like to calculate your entire house at once.

  2. room name - list each room in your house, include attics, garages, and basements. Add or subtract rooms as needed.  

  3. % clutter -  give a rough estimate how cluttered each room feels to you. Clutter is made up of any things that are unloved and/or things that are loved but not appropriately organized or displayed. Alternatively you can just write down the percentage of how 'off' each room feels. 

  4. monthly rent/mortgage - if your home is paid off, include your home's estimated mortgage from a real estate website

  5. storage unit cost - leave blank if you don't have one. 

  the results  

 PERCENT CLUTTERED    if your house is 2,000SF and it feels 60% cluttered, you functionally live in a 800SF house.  You're just paying for a 2,000SF house.  So before considering a bigger place, let's unlock the potential in your current one.

 ANNUAL COST OF CLUTTER   This is your budget for getting help. Although working together will cost less than that.  With the energetic block gone,  each year after we work together you will feel–or literally be–that much wealthier.   

 SAVE AND COMPARE   take a screen shot of your results and ask your partner to fill out the form. Compare the results. See if you're on the same page or not. That's ok too.

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