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There Will Be Blog

Updated: Feb 1

So it goes, my friends, I find myself surprising even me with this unexpected announcement – behold, this humble website is about to birth a blog. A peculiar endeavor, one I resisted in my former business, for five long years. But now, dear reader, I have gathered a treasure trove of fascinating insights and ever-blooming thoughts, demanding release into the world. And who knows, perhaps you, yes you, might find yourself drawn to these musings?

Do you plan to post weekly or monthly? Neither, my friends! I take my inspiration from the brilliant Larry David who–forever liberated from financial concerns by having co-written Seinfeld, the most popular sitcom of all time so far–only creates a new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm when inspiration strikes. And it shows! Well, I plan to do the same for this humble blog. I'll have you know, I have my own version of "Seinfeld money." It's a combination of what's looking to be a diet of approximately 500 free cucumbers from my garden I have to eat over the next couple months, and a blind faith in the universe supporting my endeavors. I call it the Jesus-take-the-wheel-school-of-business, where somehow a new client reaches out at the very moment I wrap up with one of my existing clients. Call it magic if you will, but it works for me. All that to say, this blog is primarily a creative endeavor.

But aren't blogs horribly out of style? Yes, absolutely! However, what's even more passé is my personal weariness of being ensnared in the clutches of Instagram, where countless hours evaporate as I'm compelled to consume videos that add little to my well-being. Perhaps you don't have this problem, but I did, and have liberated myself from it. While it may appear that I'm swimming against the current, I take solace in knowing that I'm not contributing to the attention economy, or churning out free content for our corporate overlords. I'm churning out free content for no one in particular! I present my information in a highly non-addictive format, that's so easy to walk away from, that perhaps you already have. It's for the best. Be free my friend!

In the interim, as you patiently await the grand unveiling of my cerebral creations, I beseech you to indulge in the whimsical delight of a video featuring the incomparable Chris Fleming, who, with deft skill, encapsulates the very essence of the modern witch. Prepare to be enchanted, for no mortal has captured the witch's vibrant spirit quite like Chris.

Thank you, dear souls, for embarking on this literary odyssey with me. Together, we shall traverse the realms of thought and embrace the unknown. Stay tuned for more, as the mystic currents of inspiration guide us onward. So it goes.

Monika, the Space Witch, with Kurt Vonnegut

This blog was partially ghost written by the ghost of Kurt Vonnegut, in case fellow fans recognize a familiar voice. Why not? Surely you don't expect me to type every word like a medieval peasant who also happens to be literate and own a laptop. No thank you. It's 2023. Besides I'm still looking for my voice. Perhaps this is a way to find it?

Other guest ghost ghost-writers to follow.

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