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making space for your ideal life


signature service:
a powerful blend of soul-deep organizing + life coaching to get you unstuck for good

If your previous efforts to get organized have come up short, that may be because there's more to organizing than meets the eye. 


Your home is an energetic mirror of your inner self, and clutter is an energetic block in physical form.


We will work together to clear out this block–often comprised of other people's voices, unexamined expectations, and limiting beliefs–freeing you from their hold while we declutter your space. 


We will organize your home to create beauty and reflect what you truly love. Your new space will be easy to maintain because it will be in alignment with the most authentic version of you.



meet Monika Miller, architect, professional home organizer, & Space Witch

Hello, I'm Monika. I used to feel stuck in an unfulfilling career and an unsupportive marriage. Then, seven years ago, thanks to a radically honest decluttering of my own home, I began a journey that lead me to find my true passion and purpose. 


Inspired by 15 years of working as a sustainable architect and six years as a home organizing consultant, and a lifetime living as both a nature enthusiast and unrepentant maximalist, I've created the Space Witch system. 

the space witch 

Celebrates maximalism and recognizes that a lived-in space can reflect a vibrant and creative lifestyle.

Embraces the potential of home organizing as a catalyst for unlocking your fullest and highest expression.

Recognizes that your own well-being and harmonious environment can make the greatest contribution to the health of the planet.

"Monika, I can’t express enough how pivotal your influence has been in my life redesign. Now that I have space I can’t help but to bring all the color and order into my day to day."

Sarah Christine

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