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From £12.99
From £12.99
In an island city dominated by the influence of the moon and ruled by a benevolent king, nothing has changed for centuries. But now something is disturbing the long-established patterns of life in Glassholm.
From £6.99

Welcome to MoonShots - SpaceWitch's subscription service bringing you brand new short stories from leading voices and new talent in the realms of Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror.

For just £6.99 you get at least 12 stories delivered as ebooks and audio every other week

From £11.99
From £11.99

Shake Me to Wake Me features the very best of Stan’s short fiction, as selected by the author.  Slipping effortlessly between fantasy, horror, and science fiction, the stories span twenty years of Stan’s distinguished career, beginning with 1993’s “SPOIL” and coming right up to date with “The Gripes of Wrath”, a new story written especially for this collection. Prepare to be amused, prepare to be shocked, prepare to be entertained…  Prepare to be shaken.

From £11.99
From £11.99

Looking Landwards features twenty three original stories of science fiction and speculation that dare to examine what the future might hold for farming, for agricultural engineering, and for all of us.


After centuries of waiting, Nicoletto Giganti’s ‘lost’ second book, written in 1608, has been rediscovered, verified and lovingly translated by Piermarco Terminiello and Joshua Pendragon.

Due to the unique nature of this book being hand crafted in leather there can be a wait of up to 6 weeks.

From £0.00
From £0.00

The Book of the Dead addresses the most fascinating of all the undead: the mummy. The mummy can be a figure of imperial dignity or one of shambling terror, at home in pulp adventure, contemporary drama, or apocalyptic horror. The anthology will be published in collaboration with the Egypt Exploration Society, the UK's oldest independent funder of archaeological fieldwork and research in Egypt, dedicated to the promotion and understanding of ancient Egyptian history and culture.

From £2.99

Gifted and cursed with a unique memory, the foundling son of a notorious traitor, Rhodri joins an elite cavalry unit. There, struggling with his own memories of his father, he begins to discover a sense of belonging. That is, until a face from the past reveals a secret that will change not only Rhodri’s life but the fate of a nation.

At Spacewitch, we are all about reading. From horror to fantasy to science fiction to shopping lists, we never lose our passion for words. Which is why we make it our mission to promote the very best in fiction and nonfiction from today’s finest independent presses......read more
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Publishing a book takes a great deal of work not to mention financial outlay. For most Independent Presses, it really is a labour of love. And yet the only way for independents to survive, and thrive, is to sell books and make a profit ...read more
Can we judge a book by its cover? Well, no, but we still love the way an artist captures the creativity can often make or break a book. We want to celebrate the beautiful, affecting, and uniquely imaginative images that adorn our publishers’ books. ...read more


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