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before we begin

You are already perfect, regardless of what is going on in your space.

However, if you feel discomfort in your living space or life, it may be a sign that it's time to embark on a transformative makeover process, creating a space that is in alignment with the next evolution of yourself.

Whether your space seems too messy, too empty, or seemingly organized and yet somehow off energetically, Space Witch can help.

how it works

1 / initial consultation 

During this consultation, I will provide you with a subtle energy analysis of your current space, guide you through a visioning exercise, and give a general idea of cost and timeframe for your home makeover.

This consultation can serve as the initial step in our work together or be a valuable resource if you embark on this process independently or with a traditional organizer.

90 minute in-home or virtual consultation - $111

2 / space + spirit organizing

When you choose to work with me, you enlist the support of a compassionate guide who helps you make intuitive choices, helps organize things in a beautiful and practical way, and offers design suggestions.


Together, we break down the organizing process into manageable tasks. As we create order and beauty category by category and room by room your ideal space begins to take shape. 

from 4 hr sessions to multi-day or weekend organizing festivals - rates vary depending on location

starting at $300

3 / holistic design 

I often liken renovating before decluttering to cooking in a dirty kitchen. It's possible, but why would you? By waiting until after the organizing process, everything falls into place beautifully. You gain clarity on your true desires, the design effortlessly unfolds, and even finding the right contractor becomes a breeze.

That's why, for my clients who have completed their organizing festival, I provide schematic design services for home renovations. With an intimate knowledge of your space, I offer thoughtful suggestions that perfectly align with your desires and harmonize with the exiting your home. Together, we'll create a transformative and tailored living environment.

consultations starting at $270 





Fill out this contact form to schedule the 90 minute initial consultation. Within 24 hours, I'll reach out to you with a selection of potential time slots to choose from.


I look forward to connecting with you soon!

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